Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas 2008

We did a lot of celebrating this Christmas season....we had the ward Christmas party, we had three of the boys school parties, we went on the polar express train...which was awesome (except for Ethan..he cried the whole time because his ear hurt) we had Rylee and Ashley over for a sleep over and hung out with them. It was so much fun having the boys home. That's my favorite part, spending time with them, having them home with me all day long. I love just being with them...we made a ginger bread house, tons of candy and cookies, turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, pies, we went to the movies a couple of times, saw Santa Clause finally at the polar express, sang Christmas carols, had our Wall traditional Nativity Scene which all the kids get to dress up. Owen did pretty good for his first time. So Christmas Eve I read a "The Night before Christmas" to the kids, they got to open the traditional PJ gift and we kissed them and sent them to bed.

I started to feel bad around this time and progressively it got worse, by 12:30 I was preparing for Santa's arrival, and in between that I would get sick, so I would go put stuff out, come back and throw up, and the night went just like that...back and forth till about 1 in the morning. Ethan came in around 2 and said that Santa had been there and asked if he could get up. I told him he could go look but that it was too early, to go back to bed.

Finally.....one of the kids got up before I did!!!! Of coarse, I was suffering from the flu, but every Christmas morning I am up, waiting on at least one of the kids to get up. This year, I was relieved to finally have the kids up before I was ready. Sounds odd, but I love this part....getting up way too early and the excitement of what Santa brought!

By 6:30 A.M. Ethan and Jake couldn't wait any longer so I got up, and had them wake up Owen, Justin and Dad...MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE...


This Thanksgiving was GREAT! We are very grateful for so many things. I am grateful that Justin has found his best buddy...Gavin. Charity will always be one of Justin's favorite friends, but she has moved to Frisco and she started school this year so it was hard for him not having someone around...thanks Gavin for filling the void! Everyday I wake up to Justin telling me..."Mom, Call Ruff so Gavin can come over!"

Ethan is so cute! I am thankful that he loves...loves...loves...school. He wishes it was school everyday! He loves his teacher and he loves his friends. He is such a sweet child and is so well, behaved at school. I am so thankful for his example! Your such a great kid Ethan!
This is Jake in line for his Thanksgiving feast. He has so many good friends. I am so thankful that I don't have to worry about your friends. They are all really good boys. You are so fun to be around. I love you kiddo!
This year, all of the Wall side came down for Thanksgiving.

I love it when we all get together! The kids have so much fun and can't stand to leave each other at night. We went bowling, jumped on the trampoline, watched movies, rode bikes, scooters, played tag, and just hung out. There are twelve boys and two girls. So much fun! So much yummy food...isn't that what thanksgiving is all about?
For a FHE activity I had the kids and Mom and Dad write what we were thankful for...here goes..
Ethan: I am thankful for...Pilgrims (he had just learned about them in school, so he was hung up about them)
Jake: I am thankful for....Money, shelter, pilgrims, houses, school, sports, food, parents, teachers, cars, church, scriptures, PSP, WII, brothers, toys, Christmas, baby brother, Halloween, turkey, clothes, trampoline, Indians, movie theaters....whew!!
Owen: I am thankful for...scribbles (that's what he drew)
Justin: I am thankful for...my brothers, my school, my friends, my mom and dad, Owen.
Dad: I am thankful for... (he drew pictures of) Mom, house, RV, Garden and football.
Mom: I am thankful for..my four boys, my wonderful/gorgeous husband, the gospel, the temple, the church, my friends, my house, that I get to stay at home and raise my family, daddy's new job, that Owen is not sick right now.

Fall Season of Sports

This is how we spent our fall season,it was crazy...we had three boys in soccer and one in football. Our Saturdays were spent up at the soccer fields and football fields usually from 9 in the morning till about 6 at night...sometimes they would even last till 10 at night...and we loved every minute of it! It totally stressed me out, driving to and from practice to practice and game to game, but secretly I LOVE to watch my boys play! I get nervous and excited and have so much joy watching them out there having fun. This year Jake started football...this came with three practices and a game every week along with his soccer practice and soccer game every week as well. Before we signed him up, we discussed how hard this was going to be for him, but he really wanted to do it. I think Brent and I wanted to throw up before every game (we were more nervous than he was). He's so little and I didn't want him to get hurt, but I wanted him to do his best. He got hit pretty hard a couple of times. We thought that once he gets hit hard enough he wouldn't want to play any more but her we are...spring and he's signed back up for another season! He was so lucky and got on the Hornet Team! They went all the way to the Super Bowl and Won! The team pictures was in the Star Telegram! Soccer was a blast! On Saturdays he would play soccer and have to run over to the football field to warm up for a game...I was so proud of him! He really played hard on both teams.

The Jedi's had a great season as well. This season we lost a lot of really good players to some of the select teams so we were nervous about how the boys would do. They were great! Jake has really improved as a soccer player! He has really grown into this sport and it's been so much fun and exciting to watch his progression. They came in second over all. We love the Jedi's and Coach Pete!
Ethan was put into a new team this year...we have been wanting Ethan to find "his team" like Jake has and we finally have! His team is the Saints and he has two really good coaches! So, we are returning to the Saints for Spring. Brent and I are in awe every time we see Ethan play a sport. He has such dedication and concentration. It's really fun to watch him play. He really puts everything he has into what he does. This is sadly the only picture I have of him playing, Grandma and Grandpa Wall have a bunch...I will have to get some from them. Brent and I would have to trade off to watch him play because someone else usually had another game going on at the same time. Ethan had a great season and had a lot of goals!!!

This was Justin's first Soccer Season and we were so excited....or stressed because that means three in soccer!

He did amazing! With each boy, they seem to get better at things faster than the other one, that just because they have someone to look up to and imitate. Justin's team was a little frustrating, only because we are so use to watching Jake and Ethan, that we forgot how four year old's act...but not my Justin he was great. He really went after the ball and loved playing. I had to keep telling myself that Justin was having fun...we will be putting him back into the draft for the next season. He hasn't found "his team" yet. He loved his trophy...he was so proud and so was I! Good Job Justin!

Owen had a blast out on the field...hanging out...watching the boys play....he already knows how to dribble a soccer ball...see....

Look out Spring...we are doing it all over again...I know, I am CRAZY!!!