Sunday, May 9, 2010

Owen's 3rd Birthday!

Yes....its been a full year since I have posted! Can you believe it! Time goes by so fast. I have been so busy, but have finally decided that I must slow down just a little to re-live these moments. Owen turned three! He was so excited about his birthday! He wanted a "Mater Cake" so I made a Lightening McQueen cake for the Killebrew family birthday party and a Mater Cake for the Wall family birthday party. Owen loved Chucky Cheese! Its was so fun watching him interact with him, and dance with him, and give him high fives and cute! I can't believe my baby is three! CRAZY! He's such a fun kid and everyone loves this little guy.
This year he has been doing a lot better. He is still on a daily antibiotic, along with breathing treatments and a nose spray but he doesn't get sick nearly as often as he use to. Now he might get pneumonia once a month. His lungs have been permanently scared, so he will probably have to have an inhaler to play sports, but hopefully after this year he will be done with the bactrum. Daddy and I love you so much kiddo and we are so lucky to have you in our family! We love you so much!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Owen's 2nd Birthday

Owen turned 2! He's such a fun boy! His personality is really fun! We started the day off with our traditional breakfast in bed with a few presents. He loves "Cars" so I got him a mater truck and some other cars. He carried them around with him all day. I had him alone that day so we headed to the zoo. It was so fun just hanging out with him and watching him get excited over the animals. We were looking at the rhino's and he dropped his mater truck down in the pit! He was so upset, so we headed to target to find another one. Then we came home and I made him his cake and we headed off to Chucky Cheese for a family party! He had such a fun day. He knew it was his birthday and he loved every minute. I love watching him be a boy! He's so animated and makes me laugh all the time.

We had the big family party that Sunday and I made cupcakes...thanks Karen! They were a lot of work, but so cute and the kids loved them.

He got lots of fun stuff. He loves his toys! Owen has been such a blessing to our family. He's been a challenge with his swallow dysfunction and pneumonia and his digestive problems but he's finally growing out of all this. His last case of pneumonia was about a month ago so hopefully we are in the clear! He's growing and talking and trying to keep up with his older brothers. We love him so much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


My brother Jonathan and his wife Jen went on vacation and we got to babysit!!!! We love this dog! The boys had so much fun and she is so could you not love her. She peeded and pooped on my carpet a couple of times but I didn't care...she was just so cute! I loved her. The boys want a dog more than ever we are working on Daddy! Owen's first official "first word" besides mom, is Bella. He would hold his hand out and snap his fingers and say...Wella, Wella" So CUTE! Thanks Jonathan and guys can go on vacation anytime!

Ethans BasketBall Season

Ethan eats, breaths and lives for basketball...he plays it at school, and when ever he can in the front yard with the neighbors basketball hoop! Thanks neighbors! So I signed him up for Upward. He loved it! He so good at sports...not the fastest kid, but concentrates so hard that he really knows how to PLAY! Its so fun watching him!

During one of the games, Jake took Owen in the hall to play. He came back crying and said he fell off the window ledge. I big deal he falls off of everything. But he wouldn't stop crying and then got sleeping...and then started throwing up! So we rushed him to the ER and after being taken right back...four hours in a room waiting for a doctor to come and tell us he needed a CAT scan....he was fine. After waiting in that room for over an hour I could have told him that!


Jake's always had some girl that he likes or that likes him, but this is new.....

We teased him a little about it, but it really is cute! Makes me remember my first crush.

I don't like this one bit...he's still my baby!

Jake's School Trip to Austin

This actually happened in finding time to goes!
Jake's fourth grade class chartered a bus and went to Austin to see the capital. It was long, and some of it was boring, but just being with Jake was wonderful! He actually wanted to sit by me! He held my hand, he hugged me, we talked and had a good time being together! He's ten and I know that he probably will not want to hold my hand or "be alone" with me much longer, but I really cherish these moments. Thanks Jake for letting me go with you!
Just Me and Jake!

His friend Ashton

His friend Calob

His friend Josh

His friends Thomas and Ryan

How many pizza's can one fourth grade class go through?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Boys Are So Cute!

Here are some pictures my friend the famous photographer
She's amazing...THANKS Becky! I can't wait to get some on my walls.