Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Head Trama Part Two

Hopefully the saying comes in three's does not come true in this family. I was talking to a friend on the phone while Jake comes in and says...MOM!!! LOOK!!! I turned around to Ethan with blood coming out of his head this time, so I got off the phone and examined it. Yep, he needed stiches. This time I knew. So I called my dear friend that I just got off the phone with and she took my kiddo's while Ethan, Owen (of course I couldn't leave him) and I went to the urgent care. This summer has been full of events! He cried and I held his hand, but at least I didn't have to hold him down kicking and screaming like a ten year old that I know. Three stiches, and I was able to take them out myself. ( I know, I am amazing:) ) Now they both have things to bragg about. Its all part of being a boy. I just hope that its not part of the other two until next year.