Sunday, May 10, 2009

Owen's 2nd Birthday

Owen turned 2! He's such a fun boy! His personality is really fun! We started the day off with our traditional breakfast in bed with a few presents. He loves "Cars" so I got him a mater truck and some other cars. He carried them around with him all day. I had him alone that day so we headed to the zoo. It was so fun just hanging out with him and watching him get excited over the animals. We were looking at the rhino's and he dropped his mater truck down in the pit! He was so upset, so we headed to target to find another one. Then we came home and I made him his cake and we headed off to Chucky Cheese for a family party! He had such a fun day. He knew it was his birthday and he loved every minute. I love watching him be a boy! He's so animated and makes me laugh all the time.

We had the big family party that Sunday and I made cupcakes...thanks Karen! They were a lot of work, but so cute and the kids loved them.

He got lots of fun stuff. He loves his toys! Owen has been such a blessing to our family. He's been a challenge with his swallow dysfunction and pneumonia and his digestive problems but he's finally growing out of all this. His last case of pneumonia was about a month ago so hopefully we are in the clear! He's growing and talking and trying to keep up with his older brothers. We love him so much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!