Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and Halloween Party

OH THE PUMPKIN PATCH! We have to go every year, and yes this year I got suckered into buying 3 large pumpkins and 4 tiny pumpkins. It was pricey but so worth it. We had so much fun. Hayrides and merry-go-rounds and jump houses....running through hundreds of pumpkins and taking lots of cute pictures. I LOVE THIS SEASON! Its so beautiful with all the colors and festivities. I love spending time with you boys and having you home for the holidays doing projects and favorite time of the year! You guys are so cute!

We had our first Halloween were everywhere. I had sprained my foot the day before so I was hobbling around trying to get everything together. It was fun having everyone over and I know you boys had a blast. I don't think I even saw Owen for the entire time...I was so busy with crafts and food that I even forgot I had an 18 month old....oops! He had fun just walking around all the craziness. I was out of town with MoMo so I wasn't here for the actual day of Halloween. Aunt Lisa hosted the trick-or-treat fest at her house with chili. Aunt Kelli came down with Zac, Kyle, Brayden and Bryce so you boys had a blast. Brents not a picture taker so I wasn't able to get those pictures, but Aunt Lisa took one...thanks Aunt Lisa.
Uncle Fester and Wednesday are too cute!!!! Happy Halloween!