Monday, May 19, 2008

The past two weeks

Life gets so I have several topics to cover. Mothers Day was last Sunday. I am so grateful to be able to raise four fun boys. They really are my life and I would be bored without them. Justin had a Mother's Day Lunch for me at his preschool and it was so fun! Ethan did this for me as well the previous two years so I look forward to these. Ms. Becki always does a good job at making us feel special. One year Ethan was asked...what makes your mommy laugh, so his reply was...when my dad spanks her bum! We will never forget that one, it got quite a few laughs and a really red face from me, so this year it was Justin's turn to tell everyone about his mom. A few of the questions were....Who's the boss in your family-Justin said-My Mom, Q-what is her favorite food-J-cereal with raisins,Q-what does she like to do in her spare time-J-she likes to run, Q-what is the difference between moms and dads-J-my mom sends me to my room but my dad spanks my bum! Evidently we really like to spank bums in our family because that the only thing the kids remember:) I of coarse gave Dad a hard time about that one! Justin sang songs, did a "Are you my mother" play and made me lunch! It was so fun. I love being with him. He's such a good kid, he's always making sure I am "OK" and I love the time we are able to have together when his older brothers are at school. He is the smartest four year old I know! I tell him that he's a genius all the time, he really is:) On Sunday Dad made me breakfast in bed while the other kids brought me chocolate and bubble bath stuff. It was really sweet.

Owen got his first hair cut that same week! I was washing his hair and he had a knot in it and I thought......I need to buy some detangler. But then I I need to cut his hair. I was a little sad. I wasn't really ready for him to be a BIG BOY yet. But I'm sure that you can see by the picture that he really needed one. So I got the clippers out and off it came. Such a big boy!

This weekend I signed all three older boys up for a triathlon. Ethan and Jake have done one in the past, but it was Justin's first one. They were all really excited! I have such cute boys!!
The swim was first and Ethan blew right by that with no problems, in fact he was finished with the whole event before Brent even realized it. He came up to him and said, " Hi Dad!" eating a donut. Brent thought that was pretty funny, he went back and helped Justin run his 1/3 mile run. Justin was excited to have a buddy along the run. When Justin got out of the pool from his 25 meter swim he looked a little scared, but when he got on his bike he had a blast, hitting every street bump there was. I didn't understand why he kept running into those until Dad told me that you were doing it on purpose. Your such a silly kid! Jake was last to do his. He was so nervous. He's alot like his mom, not so much a distance swimmer, but he did great! He was amazing at the bike and run. That kid loves to run! I am so glad. Maybe when he gets older, we will be able to run together...if I can keep up. He's pretty fast! It was a so fun. The kids got medals and donuts. What a way to start your morning. That afternoon their school had a carnival. They had bounce houses and games, face painting, and we even won a door prize! By the end of the day they were beat. We had a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kids say some funny things

The other day Brent, "Daddy" was telling me about something Jake mentioned. Jake was watching TV and a commercial popped up on how you can take on line classed from home. He was so excited and went to Dad and said, "Dad, I don't have to go away to college, I can just take them on line from home!" I started to laugh, but let him know that he will be going away to college. He is one kid that would build a house right next to ours and never move away. Of coarse he's only 9 1/2 and I'm sure that his views will change when he gets older, but I love the fact that he wants to be with me forever. I do know that when its time to let go, it will be the hardest thing for me to deal with. I wish I could keep you right beside me, but I do know the importance of independence and letting you have that little by little is hard. I love you Jake!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This Fast Sunday

This Sunday was fast Sunday for our church, so that morning I mentioned to the boys that if they would like to fast they could. They all wanted to, even Justin. By the time we got home they were still willing to fast, but eventually one by one they started to "get hungry". So when each one was ready, I would say a prayer with them to break the fast. Ethan and Justin were first. Poor Ethan, he felt so bad he started to cry. I explained to him that this exercise was not for him to feel bad, but to help him grow and that Heavenly Father recognizes the effort and is proud of him. Next Jacob was ready. He felt bad I sat all the boys down and told them that fasting is a humbling experience whether you fast for one, two or three meals and that you shouldn't feel bad just because you can only make it for one. I was so proud of them. Understanding the concept of fasting is hard to grasp at such a young age. You boys amaze me constantly with how willing you are to please our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful that you all have a teachable heart and that you love to learn. Daddy and I are always talking about how lucky we are to have all four of you. Thank you for helping me become closer to my Heavenly Father by your examples.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The scope was successful

Owen had his bronc. scope done yesterday. The IV took only three tries this time. He's gotten alot stronger since the last time and alot more vocal. He was yelling at the nurses in baby talk. It made me want to laugh and cry for him all at the same time. Daddy and I were in the waiting room for about ten minutes and then they called us into a private room. That freaked me out, but the doctor came and and said he was fine. Everything looks anatomically correct except for his epiglottis flap is loose and that they got some cultures, but we wont get the results back for a week or so. He thinks that all of this mess comes down to a virus. Good to know, because this means he will eventually out grown all of this, but there's nothing you can do to "fix" a virus. All of this trauma and worry and hurt and sadness comes down to a virus he picked up. Hopefully the cultures will come back and we can put this whole thing behind us. The pediatrician called on Tuesday and said he did have C difficile. I think its caused by too many antibiotics or he could have gotten it while he was in the hospital. Its a bacteria that is in his intestinal tract and the antibiotics have made it grow bad bacteria. This is the reason for the liquid pooh for over a month. He has to be on a complex antibiotic to try to fight this kind of bacteria. He should be starting that today. Last night he ran a fever of 103. I am a little concerned because he shouldn't be having a fever that high, especially after his procedure but I will watch him today and go back into the Dr. if he is still having problems. While we were in the post-op room the only thing that made him happy were bubbles. Becky took a really cute picture of him with some bubble in our back yard the other day. I love it! So here it is...