Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Run In The Dark Fun Run

I have ran in this event several times, last time I actually placed second! I was so excited because they listed me under the 20-25 category and I was pregnant, so I was pretty proud of myself. This year I wanted the boys to run the mile. We got there just as the gun went off, so I told Jake and Ethan to RUN!!!! They did so good. I was pleased to see that they stuck together. After their mile run, it was my turn to run the 5K. Jake kept begging me to run it too, so I let him, but told him to stay with the crowd, because he wasn't going to be able to keep up with me. Every time I turned a corner, there he was! I was so impressed. I ran one of my best 5K ever, 24:12, Jake came in right after me at 26:"something" we didn't get the exact time. I couldn't believe it!!! He had just ran the mile. Man, that kid can run! I was so proud of him. Ethan wants to do the 5K with us next time too. We didn't get chips to get the official time recorded, but next year we will make sure that we do, I actually came in second in my age group! We had a lot of fun! I love Fun Runs! I am so glad my kids enjoy them too!


Ethan turned 7!
We had so much fun this year. He wanted an Indiana Jones birthday party so we invited around fourteen of his friends to come over and drive me crazy! Seriously, what was I thinking! We did have a lot of fun, making mummy casts out of barbie dolls, making an Indiana Jones satchel, digging for buried treasure, and doing a few games. We had, alligator eyes (grapes), butterfly wings (pretzels), magic potion (punch), poison antidotes (M&M's), worms (gummies) and cake! It was a hit. He had a lot of fun and got a ton of great gifts from all of his friends. He is one lucky boy! We woke him up that morning with our traditional birthday breakfast in bed and presents. Then we had a family birthday party that Sunday. He was very spoiled. He is such a great kid. Always smiling, and making everyone else smile. He always has something to say and is usually trying to make you laugh. He can recite just about any kid movie out there, and he is an amazing dancer! Really, just ask his Uncle Brian and Aunt Anna, he was a hit at their wedding reception. I love you so much Ethan, I love all those freckles on your sweet little face! You light up my world! I love being your Mom! These seven years have gone by so fast, but have been the best seven years of my life. Daddy and I look forward to your next birthday...the big 8! We love you so much kiddo!