Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ethans BasketBall Season

Ethan eats, breaths and lives for basketball...he plays it at school, and when ever he can in the front yard with the neighbors basketball hoop! Thanks neighbors! So I signed him up for Upward. He loved it! He so good at sports...not the fastest kid, but concentrates so hard that he really knows how to PLAY! Its so fun watching him!

During one of the games, Jake took Owen in the hall to play. He came back crying and said he fell off the window ledge. I big deal he falls off of everything. But he wouldn't stop crying and then got sleeping...and then started throwing up! So we rushed him to the ER and after being taken right back...four hours in a room waiting for a doctor to come and tell us he needed a CAT scan....he was fine. After waiting in that room for over an hour I could have told him that!

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luvmykids said...

He looked like his was having fun! Glad he was just fine!